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20 cases of Chinese LED lamps in US and EU have been recalled in 2017

According to the statistic of OFweek, Europe and the United States recalled nearly 20 cases of LED lighting fixtures in China in 2017. These recalled products include E27 Par30 bulbs, BR30 bulbs, Spot light 230V. There are four main aspects of the quality problems: First, the product’s waterproof performance is not up to standard and easy to damp, resulting in internal damage to the lamp, such products mainly used in outdoor lighting; Secondly, product protection against electric shock does not meet the standard requirements. The main reasons are that there are hidden dangers in the design structure and poor cable insulation can also cause fire. Third, there are quality risks in the internal wiring and external wiring of the product, which can easily lead to electric shock, fire, and falling injury. Fourth, the products contain toxic and hazardous substances and do not meet the requirements of relevant foreign laws and regulations.

At present, foreign users are increasingly demanding the quality and function of LED lamps. Low-cost and low-quality products are difficult to sell to them for getting considerable profits. The LED lighting industry has developed and matured. Exporting companies should timely understand the standards of LED lighting products in developed countries in Europe and America, and effectively improve product quality in terms of product design, raw material procurement, assembly and production.

At the same time, we should also correctly handle the quality problems of foreign recalled products, grasp the key aspects of quality, shift to the blind pursuit of low prices, focus on the products themselves, and enhance the “Made in China” competitiveness in international market.








Myron Su Wechet