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Ansen Lighting displayed LED PAR Lights in 2014 LED Lighting Exhibition

The highly anticipated LED industry event – 2014 LED Lighting Exhibition of Gaogong was held on September 26-28 at the Pazhou Guangzhou Canton Fair exhibition hall.

Ansen Lighting is an LED lighting manufacturer that focuses on commercial lighting. In the first half of 2011, it had been mainly engaged in international trade, and began to develop the domestic market in the second half of 2011.

According to Li Tingshuai, a general manager of Ansense Lighting, Ansen carried six LED commercial products, namely PAR30, PAR20, PAR30 COB, MR16, GU10, and AR111 at this year of LED exhibition.

Until the first half of 2014, 70% sales amount of Ansen lighting has come from the domestic market. This achievement in the domestic market is mainly based on quality products.

The most proud product of Ansen Lighting is the LED PAR30. This product has had more than 50 million sales amounts since 2013 because this product uses an integrated lens with a unique three-dimensional optical design, and the lens angle is flexible to change, avoiding customers to buy again because of improper angle.

You cannot see any screws in the appearance of all the products completely because Ansen always stand in the consumer’s point of view to design. In terms of internal technology, imported LED dedicated magnetic levitation fan was adopted, that is ultra-quiet and lifetime is up to 70,000 hours; the entire product has a unique over-temperature protection design and lights will automatic power off if over 90 degrees so as to avoid fire. Recover to work if the temperature down to 75 degrees to ensure safety of product.

Apart from that, this product is available in three colors, white, black, and local gold. White and black colored light is suitable for most of the decoration design style while local gold provides personalized choice.

As we known, the competition in the domestic commercial lighting field is very fierce. It is not easy to get a champion for Ansen’s LED PAR30 lights.








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