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Difference between metal halid lamps and LED par30 lamps

Compared with traditional ceramic metal halide lamps,Ansen’s PAR30 series lamp perfectly interprets the advantages of par lamps. According to the sales amount in last few year, Ansen’s PAR30 lamps are more and more popular in international market. Let me introduce the difference between these two kinds of lights.

Traditional ceramic metal halide lamp is a kind of high gas discharge lamp.
Below we have listed some of disadvantages about metal halide lamp:
1) Small light emitting volume
2) Containing harmful elements (mercury and rare metal halides)
3)High ultraviolet content
4)Slow start-up,
5)Large power consumption
6)Short lifespan

In contrast, the Ansen’s commercial LED PAR30 series have following advantages:
1) No mercury and UV
2) Pure light without any shadow
3) High luminous efficiency and CRI
4) Longer lifespan: up to 50000hrs
5) Adopted ultra-silence LED maglev fan

In addition, Par30 series have been approved by UL,FCC,Energy Star,SAA,RoHS and CE which ensure the best quality. It might be your wise choice if you buy Par30 lamps from Ansen.








Myron Su Wechet