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How to choose LED lights for a jewelry store?

This is not quite difficult to choose suitable Jewelry LED lights.

Color temperature
Choose an appropriate color temperature depending on the type of jewelry. For example, warm white can be used for gold jewelry, and 5500K cold white light can be used for silver products or gemstone products.

Appropriate lighting
In a jewelry store, small jewelry such as gold, platinum, pearls and diamonds must be highlighted with targeted lighting. His enlightenment should be quite high. But some jewelry such as jade, crystal, etc., need a soft light, so the lighting should not be too high.

 Lighting characteristics
Some jewelry, such as gold, pearls fully reflect the light. We need to ensure that the reflection of the “bright spot” stimulates the eyes of customers. And for Jade, Crystal etc., we must pay attention to its transmittance.

The light should have the function of decorating the space, contrasting the atmosphere and beautifying the environment. The light should try to meet the display requirements of jewelry and the interior decoration of the showcase.

The light must strictly follow the regulations and requirements of the design of the specification. When selecting materials, we must carefully select certain manufacturers or brands with a good reputation and quality assurance. And we must take into account the damage caused by environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, harmful gases, radiation, steam, etc.) jewelry. And we must also pay attention to ventilation, heat dissipation and other problems.

Avoid dazzling that damages the three-dimensional image of the eyes. By fully utilizing the lights, the space, level and three-dimensional aspect of the displays are displayed. The lighting conveys the special three-dimensional effect of the jewels and the texture of the jewels.








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