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How to choose quality par lights

Several factors you should consider when you choose high quality of Par lights

1.LED lamp beads.

Firstly, the price of LED lamp bead is the most important factor that affects the lamp’s main cost and lifetime luminous efficiency. Whether A lamp glows well or not is decided by the selection of lamp beads. There is a large difference between stable lamp beads and unstable lamp beads on price.


Second, large manufactures have their own placement machines, lamp beads are used reflow soldering machine. In addition, the choice of lens is important. Different manufacturers of led lights are generally different for the lens used, and relate to the light angle. Manufacturers may be recommended some lamp beads from their but it upstream manufacturers, but these lamp beads may not your best choice, which depends on the manufacturers themselves slowly testing repeatedly explored.

3.Design of circuit

Third, in general, the products of LED lights from professional manufacturers include a control board, a driver board, and a display board. Of course, the two-way driver is different, they do not put the control board and driver board together due to mutual interference. However, most of the small factories outside of China do not have the developed ability. In order to reduce costs, they only use circuit boards from professional manufacturers to install them (this has become an industry chain).

4.Choice of manufactures.

Fourth, you do not choose those manufacturers who provide low price of products but have no technology, that is because they cannot modify even if they have problems and they do not know where the problem lies. They are only one of company in China’s largest assembly industry chain.








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