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How to choose suitable indoor lighting

Due to difference of cultural level, hobbies, occupations, social objects, and economic strength in each family, their choice of room decoration and lighting also have different styles on choosing indoor lighting. However, the purpose of decoration is basically the same, that is, economical and practical, beautiful, easy to operate, safe and reliable, for this reason, it should be careful to deal with the following aspects when we buy lamps and lighting.

1.The relationship between general lighting and local lighting: People are accustomed to using a “main light” for general lighting in a room. Most of them are installed in the center of the room with a chandelier or ceiling light and then set the wall lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, etc. as “auxiliary lamp” for local or auxiliary lighting. So-called “main lights” and “auxiliary lights” are relative terms. Under certain conditions, functions will also be replaced. For example, the floor height of the room is less than 2.5M, and the area is not large. It is not appropriate to set up lights in multiple layers. If you want to learn or work at night, table lamps on the top can also meet your needs.

2. Determine the style of clothing lamps: people have different style on choosing clothing lamps because of the level of culture, hobbies and age and different occupations. Therefore, it is necessary to set off the lighting from the actual situation, and according to personal preferences, in order to obtain a specific lighting style and effect.

3. Lighting requirements for different occupations: people who engage in mental work, generally love quiet, like reading books, design drawings, research information, etc. They need to diversify the lighting settings, the desk lamp is easy to work, floor lamps can help reading, bedside lamps are used to Read newspaper information.

4. Lighting requirements for different age levels: Due to age differences, they also have different standards for lighting requirements:

1) The elderly – the elderly have a simple life style and love quiet. The color of the lamps should be modern and elegant. The main light unit can be combined with a lantern-shaped chandelier or ceiling lamps. In order to facilitate the elderly to start the night, a low-light long lamp can be set up on the bedside.

2) Middle-aged people – middle-aged people are the dominant family, but also the pillars of their career. They strive to be simple and neat in their style and color. The cloth lamp must not only reflect personality, but also reflect the style of the main body, such as using a swing arm-type desk lamp or floor lamp to facilitate learning.

3) Young people – young people should highlight new, extraordinary and special lighting. The main lights should demonstrate individuality, with creative shapes and vivid colors. Wall lamp requires the theme of love in the shape, light source requires warmth, romance (especially girls)








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