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LED PAR30 35W replaces metal halide lamp since 2012

LED PAR30 35W refers to a new type of LED spotlight since 2012. PAR30 usually refers to a spotlight with a diameter of 95mm and a height of 120mm. However, after the metal halide lamp is not recommended, the PAR30 35W has become a new type of market selling. LED lamps, is gradually mature in the LED market in 2012, several major lighting brands have successively developed this lamp – LED PAR30 35W.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, this lamp has applied the cutting-edge technology of the LED industry to the commercial indoor lighting category, realizing small volume and high power in one light. The technology they use mainly include: the lamp body built-in fan heat dissipation, the use of ultra-high brightness OSRAM LED chips, and power circuit boards using the world’s top electronic components.

Since 2012, China have developed a lot of technology products that are advancing with the times while the LED industry is gradually maturing. However, LED products have different appearances and properties, and the quality is uneven. The LED lamps that are highly versatile are not More often than not, this LED PAR30 35W is able to stand out from the crowd. In terms of practicality, non-general LED spotlights can compare, because it can be used as a light source, installed in different light holders to make track lights, ceiling lights, Beans and other lamps can be as a universal light source used in different fields.







Myron Su Wechet