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The difference between Par lights and Spotlights

PAR lamp (Parabolic Aluminum Reflector light) is installed in the cylinder mirror light bulb or also in reflective bowl with tungsten bubbling. The main characteristic is to shoot a relatively fixed beam with wide variety. The spot size cannot be adjusted.

Spotlights are distinguished from the functions realized by the light fixtures, and are concentrated on things that need to be represented like flashlights. Spotlights can generally be divided into orbital type, point-mounted type, and embedded type.

Many people are not easy to distinguish between the Par light and the Spotlight. In the home decoration, the Par light and the spotlight have different uses. Simply, the Par light is a kind of lamp that is more concentrating than an ordinary wall mounted lamp. It is used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting.

While Spotlights are highly concentrated light fixtures that have a specific target for light exposure. It is mainly used for special lighting, such as emphasizing something that is very tasteful or very new. The characteristics of the two lamps can be distinguished from the light source, application location, and price comparison.








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