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What does commercial lighting include?

The generation of commercial lighting originated from the birth of public commercial establishments. In order to deal with the needs of lighting in commercial establishments, a clear system for commercial use was created. Including shopping mall lighting, supermarket lighting, bar lighting, restaurant lighting and so on. According to functions, commercial lighting can be divided into general business scene lighting, focused commodity lighting and decorative lighting; according to the use of the location can be divided into commercial environment, display area, population area, product display area lighting and external environment lighting; commercial lighting fixtures specific Including: grid lights, bean gall lamps, three anti-lights, ceiling lights, downlights, purification lamps, bracket lights, PAR lamps, mining lights, LED landscape lights. With the development of LED lighting with energy saving and longevity, LED commercial lighting gradually introduced into the commercial lighting field. The goals of modern commercial lighting are specific and targeted. To achieve a certain function, the design is designed to reflect the commercial shopping environment and reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics.

  Modern commercial lighting clearly has more connotations on the basis of adhering to traditional commercial lighting.
  1. It is scientifically defined and based on the requirements of the illumination, color temperature, and light source coloration of the light source used in a specific business environment. It is different from the initial visual evaluation.
  2. The objectives of modern commercial lighting are well-targeted. In order to achieve a certain function, it is often necessary to carry out specific designs to reflect the environment and reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics;
  3. The nature of modern commercial lighting is determined by the purpose of lighting, and the use of multi-point light sources and light-color space combinations is often used to render atmosphere.
  4. With the use of high-tech computer controllable technology, it can interact with the audience in a dynamic, changeable, and specific way;
  5. With the development of compact light sources, the constant adoption of ultra-small, ultra-thin, all kinds of new technologies, and new processes of light electrical accessories for ballasts, modern commercial lamps are becoming smaller, more practical and more versatile. development of;
  6, by a single lighting function to the direction of lighting and decoration and change.

  With the progress of the times, the technical means of modern commercial lighting and the aesthetic concept of lighting are constantly being updated.








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